rent a HotTug!

  Rotterdam, bar&restaurant Vessel 11
Zuid Holland, the Netherlands
Right in the center of Rotterdam docks the lightship ‘Vessel 11’. ‘Vessel 11’ includes a British restaurant located at the Leuvenhaven. You can enjoy (eg) slowly roasted pork, cottage pie, toffee pudding and many other delicacies AND of course the HotTug!
You can also choose the ‘HotTug arrangement ’.
This a combination of 2 hours HotTug + 10% off any food.   >> Check the calender and Book the HotTug!

price (2 hours)
2 persons - € 139,-
3 persons - € 159,-
4 persons - € 179,-
5 persons - € 199,-
6 persons - € 219,-
7 persons - € 239,-
8 persons - € 259,-
  London, The runnymede-on-thames
Surrey, Egham, Great Britain
The runnymede-on-thames is a 4 star hotel in Egham, Surrey, nestling on the banks of the River Thames near to Windsor and just minutes from Heathrow Airport. The handy location makes the ideal venue for meetings, weddings and short weekend hotel breaks.
A family friendly hotel, with gorgeous riverside dining, an award-winning spa and the HotTug!

price (for hotel residents)
1 hour on weekdays £ 90
1 hour at weekends £ 120
  Helsinki, Paljuvene
Helsinki, Finland
In the capital of Finland, in the midst of Lšnsisatama West Harbor, with its stately homes and sturdy port you can find the HotTug. It leaves from the ‘Pleasure Boat Limnea’ near the ‘Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel’. Book (VARAA in finnish) the HotTug with or without a captain, you can even hire a towel!

price (2 hours)
mon until wed, 12 - 14 hours   € 180,-
other days & times   € 240,-
  Turku, Paljuvene
Turku, Finland
The HotTug sails in former cultural capital and the oldest city in Finland, in Turku! Let’s cruise on the River Aura, right through the centre Turku, past the theater, university and museums. Book (VARAA in finnish) the HotTug with or without a captain, you can even hire a towel!

price (2 hours)
mon until wed, 12 - 14 hours  € 180,-
other days & times   € 240,-
  Zürich, HotTug Daniël
Tiefenbrunnen Haven, zwitserland
In the beautiful lake of Zurich, surrounded by the Alps, you can relax and sail in the HotTug.
The ice cold lake was emerged from a glacier during the ‘ice age’ and therefore a perfect place to sail in the contemporary warm HotTug!

from CHF 590,- (3 hours)
  Copenhagen, HotTug Ole
In the middle of beautiful Copenhagen with its many clean-water canals you will find three HotTugs at the Opera House. Soon you'll find the HotTug at the huge Ofelia Square aswell, the new name will be CopenHot with Sauna, Cocktail Bar, Music & Concert facilities.

price / duration
on special request